Help And Frequently Asked Questions

Selling your Giftcard with CARDMUMMY is very easy as filling in all the required informations.
NOTE: You will need to keep the following records:
1. SnapShot of the Front and Back of the Card already scratched. And you can upload multiple pictures up to Maximum of 4 pictures at once not exceeding 3 M.B picture size total pics.
2. Front of the Card disclosing the type of Card e.g iTunes, Amazon Giftcard, Walmart, Steam card etc
3. You can add card receipt if available for the card
4. After uploading Card information and you need speed crediting inbox admin on whatsapp by coming here again to click this link below:
Contact Whatsapp
5. Contact Customer Care on Call anytime by calling +2349058984911
6. Ensure you have edited your profile with your Bank details to receive payment
That can be done by clicking Settings-->Edit Profile--> fill it up and submit. DONE!!!
7. Enjoy your time at Cardmummy
8. Any guide, issue or complain click Contact Whatsapp.