About Us


Cardmummy offers a robust service which gives our customers the opportunity to trade their giftcards or cryptocurrencies for cash (Naira) directly to their Bank account in Nigeria.

Our service and goals are focused towards enabling swift Gift Card Trade and reducing the tedious effort when converting foreign giftcards to Cash here in Nigeria. The List of Gift Cards you can trade with us includes iTunes Card, Amazon Card, Walmart card, Steam Card, Google Play Card, and Ebay gift card amongst others.

We also trade crypto currencies at very good rate. For Whatsapp chat for more inquiry click on trade now below.



We offer the best trade rate with a fast and easy to reach support centre. We ensure our platform is user friendly and meet our customers expectation.

We deliver quality

We are available 24/7 with our whatapp support for any inquiry and help. Just click trade now.

Always on time

Our payout is within 3 - 50 minutes after confirmation of your transaction. And we make payment to your bank account directly.